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Admiral SignworksProject Management

Admiral will manage any portion of your sign project for you, from design through site survey to confirm dimensions, permit application and acquisition, manufacture, delivery, installation and final inspection. If your sign is destined for a place outside of our immediate geographic area, we have established partnerships with sign companies all over the country. We have delivered successful sign project outcomes to customers in 24 states and counting. And we do it all while maintaining our focus on saving you time by providing a single-point-of-contact service throughout the process: if you ever have a question, concern, or need a status update, during regular business hours or after hours, you have one person to contact.

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Admiral SignworksDesign

If you do not already have a design, or if you are not entirely sure about the design you now have, our design team will work with you on the design of your new sign. Sometimes this process is quick and at other times it takes longer but our goal is to provide you with a design that meets your needs and satisfies your expectations.

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Admiral SignworksManufacturing

Admiral has manufactured custom signage for over 40 years, and we have experienced more growth in our production capacity over the past few years than ever before. Because we manufacture your signs in-house, we work closely with the design team to control quality, production schedules, and shipping / delivery schedules.

Company Signboard Installation of KREI CORP

Admiral SignworksInstallation & Service

Our experienced installation team is equipped and ready to install your sign or scoreboard safely and correctly. And if service or repair is needed, we will diagnose the problem efficiently, and are committed to fixing it right the first time.

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