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For more than 40 years, Admiral Signworks has provided our customers with quality signs and excellent service experiences.

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5 Things to Avoid on Your Next Sign Project

  1. Avoid the frustration of having to repeat yourself to your sign company because they did not care enough to listen to you the first time you told them what you wanted.
  2. Avoid wasting your time by having to continuously reach out to your sign company to learn the status of your sign project.
  3. Avoid the sinking feeling that your sign project is not a priority for your sign company.
  4. Avoid the awful stress of listening to excuses from your sign company as to why deadlines have not been met.
  5. Avoid the frustration of a delay in receiving your Certificate of Occupancy … an inspector has determined that your newly installed sign is non-compliant because your sign company either did not properly secure a sign permit, or secured a sign permit but did not build the sign according to approved specifications.